We Stand Behind
3 Guiding Principles

Our principles guide our actions, and we want the Ethereum community to hold us accountable for living up to them.

Ethics is important

We will do the right thing for the Ethereum community, always. If and when we mess up we will admit to it and course correct, quickly.

Decentralization is a primary objective

We will never compromise on the non-custodial and decentralized nature of the protocol. Stakers must maintain control of their ETH.

The EtherFi protocol has a sustainable revenue model

We’re in this for the lung haul, we think and plan on the scale of decades. No ponzinomics f*ckery.


Join Our Team

  • Senior AWS Infrastructure Developer

    Job Description We are seeking a highly skilled Senior AWS Infrastructure Developer to design, implement, and maintain our cloud-based infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The ideal candidate should have extensive experience in designing and deploying highly scalable, fault-tolerant, and secure cloud infrastructure, as well as strong knowledge of AWS services and tools. Desired Skills…

  • Senior Front End / DApp Developer

    Job Description We are looking for an experienced Decentralized Application Front End Developer to join our team. As a Front End Developer, you will be responsible for designing and developing user interfaces for decentralized applications on the blockchain. You will collaborate with other team members to ensure seamless integration between the front end and back…

  • Senior Solidity Developer

    Job Description We are seeking a skilled Senior Solidity Developer to join our team and help build and maintain our blockchain-based applications. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in developing smart contracts and decentralized applications on Ethereum using the Solidity language. Desired Skills Foundry Hardhat Solidity Location: You will have the option to work…


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