Keep your keys.
Build the network. is the only liquid staking protocol where stakers keep control of their keys while delegating staking to node operators and earning rewards.


How it works

Bond Holder


Staker bond holders earn
boosted staking rewards in return for managing keys and monitoring node performance.

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LSD Holder


Staker eETH holders
earn staking rewards
and can swap back to ETH any time.

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Node operator

Node Operator

Node operators runs Ethereum validators on behalf of stakers in exchange for a
share of the staking rewards.

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Why You Shouldn't Entrust
your keys makes sure you are safe by eliminating this problem
Security Risks:
Entrusting Ethereum staking keys to another party exposes one to significant security risks. Sharing sensitive cryptographic information with a third party increases the potential for unauthorized access, jeopardizing the integrity of the staked assets. A breach in the third party's systems could lead to the loss of staked funds and undermine the trust in the staking process.
Loss of Control:
Loss of Control: Entrusting Ethereum staking keys to a third party can lead to a loss of control over the ability to exit staking positions at will. Depending on the terms set by the service provider, stakeholders might find themselves locked into longer commitments or subjected to withdrawal restrictions. This loss of flexibility could limit the key holder's ability to respond to changing market conditions or personal financial needs, potentially leading to missed opportunities or financial strain.
Unexpected Costs:
Relying on a third-party service for Ethereum staking keys introduces the possibility of unexpected costs. Beyond the transparency of initial fees, stakeholders might encounter hidden charges, commissions, or additional expenses that could erode the anticipated staking rewards. These unforeseen costs can impact the overall profitability of the staking endeavor.
Why Be a Solo Operator?
Get a free dappnode machine by committing to
run a node for 3 years, and make money!
There are currently about 5,500 nodes running Ethereum, and about half are based in the US. Of these, over half are in a single data center in Virginia, 20 minutes away from the white house and the CIA headquarters.

We Stand Behind

3 Guiding Principles

Our principles guide our actions, and we want the Ethereum community to hold us accountable for living up to them.

Decentralization is a primary objective

We will never compromise on the non-custodial and decentralized nature of the protocol. Stakers must maintain control of their ETH.

Ethics are important.

We will do the right thing for the Ethereum community, always. If and when we mess up we will admit to it and course correct, quickly.

The EtherFi protocol has a sustainable revenue model

We’re in this for the long haul, we think and plan on the scale of decades. No ponzinomics f*ckery.

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